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“@id”: “http://www. The global consumption of smartphones, computers and other electronic devices is on the rise, posing a clear danger to human health every time used electronics end up in landfills. the original source are dumped, burnt or exported to recyclers. You may also have encountered drivers who no one has informed of your site’s unique requirements. India is the fifth biggest producer of e-waste in the world; discarding 1. 6 hours.

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Even though respondents wished they could acquire clean technologies to retrieve valuable elements from electronic waste, they are limited by funds as income earned from sale of e-waste is only enough for subsistence but not to buy expensive machinery. Simple random sampling method was used to select 120 respondents for interview categorized as recyclers and re-furbishers of e-waste. MCC’s $351 million compact with the Government of Malawi, which ended in 2018, focused on reducing energy costs and improving productivity in the agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors. E-waste workers have suggested government assistance in terms of training and provision of efficient tools for sustainable e-waste management. The project included a demonstration activity to test new strategies for reducing water losses and combatting illegal connections. The scrap dealers supply the E-waste to recycling industries.

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The MCC-funded Transition to High Value Agriculture Project was developed to address these constraints. Lack of research- Government must encourage research into the development and standards of hazardous waste management, environmental monitoring and the regulation of hazardous waste-disposal. It is not only the biophysical environment that is polluted through such actions, but the health of workers is also affected. , most states leave it up to individual consumers to decide what they want to do with their discarded equipment, and most people are simply throwing them out, which is polluting our waterways, soil and air. Support was provided to both the water utility and the local government to improve the understanding of gender and social inclusion by carrying out education and communications campaigns.

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gov or . As technology becomes more advanced, the life span of our devices just keeps getting shorter. Dealers in e-waste who are responsible for recycling, processing, refurbishment, reuse and residual disposal of e-waste at Agbogbloshie have adopted crude methods such as use of hammers and stones to dismantle e-waste (Oteng-Ababio and Amankwaa, 2014). com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/greatlakes.

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(2) Each manufacturer of a computer, music system, mobile phone, or any other electronic gadget will be personally responsible for the final safe disposal of the product when it becomes a piece of e-waste. .